How To Turn Anonymous Website Visitors Into Customers

Typically, only about 2% of your site traffic will convert into a lead by means of a form, email, etc. What are you doing to capture the other 98% warm leads that visit your website unidentified?

The process of reverse IP lookup involves analyzing a registry of domain names to uncover the specific domain name behind an IP address. This is typically done by inputting a specific IP address right into a reverse IP lookup tool, which consists of domain names signed up to each IP address as reported on a Regional Net Registry (RIR) or by private firms that specialize in collecting IP address data.

Traditionally, reverse IP lookup innovations have actually been made to collect info concerning internet site web traffic, however, smart B2B online marketers are now utilizing this information to boost a selection of account-based advertising activities.

Web Insights

You’re probably familiar with Google Analytics. This is a great platform for showing you site traffic volume and other in-depth analytics, however it comes with constraints. For efficient account based advertising to take place, B2B marketers need to know precisely which companies are visiting their site. By integrating reverse IP lookup information into your web site, it takes it one step further than just see site traffic volume. It allows you to dive deeper and see specifically who is visiting. For more information, check our Google Analytics Integration page.

Achieve Personalized Experiences

For B2B, content personalization means showing specific site content based on the visitor’s information. This can include different firmographic features—industry, income, job title, and more. The overall objective is to engage the customer. Leveraging tailored content on your website is one of the most effective methods to provide 1:1 advertising and marketing at scale as well as drive higher site conversions.

To individualize internet site web content in real-time, reverse IP lookup technologies establish what organization the site visitor is originating from as well as supply firmographic details (industry, earnings, location, as well as more) in the time it takes the website to load. This data is then utilized by platforms like Google Optimize to customize the site by revealing relevant web content to the site visitor based upon their firmographic profile.

Reverse IP lookup modern technologies allow B2B marketing professionals to leverage firmographic information to tailor everything from a straightforward banner stating “Hello there Business X”, completely to developing special navigating and web content for high-value target audiences.


Because only 2% of your site traffic will convert into a lead by means of a form or email, retargeting is a highly effective method to re-engage. Reverse IP lookup technologies, like IPLytics, can gather site visitor info including their IP address, which can then be leveraged to offer ads directly to those IP addresses. This results in a quicker conversion and better ad performance at a lower cost due to the lead already being warm from visiting your site first.

Ready to identify the 98% web traffic that is anonymous? Get started with a 14-day free trial here.

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