The Truth About Buying Lead Lists

Keeping your pipeline full of leads is one of the top challenges for any B2B marketing agency.

It’s easy to see why—uncovering the right leads means more sales and more business growth. Not being able to find qualified leads can leave a business belly up.

This is why a lot of marketing companies and sales reps rely on buying lead lists. But in order to be effective and boost revenue and sales, they really should be using a lead generation tool.

What is a lead list?

Lead lists are bought from companies that gather massive databases of leads from resources like social media, e-mail marketing, paid ads, and more. They sell those lists to companies as well as a promise of generating tons of profit from the lists.

A few of one of the most preferred lead generation services and databases consist of companies like Find Emails, Salesfully, and Uplead.

What’s wrong with buying lists?

They don’t work.

When you buy a list of leads, you’re receiving a list of accounts that may not have consented to you contacting them. And because of that, they likely have no rate of interest in your offer. Plus, your competitors can buy the same lists.

On the surface, buying a lead list sounds great—you gain access to a database with thousands of leads, including their emails, social accounts, and more.

You might be thinking: if just a handful of these leads pan out, we’ll get our investment back and more, right? Not quite.

Just like we said above, all of your direct competitors have access to the same exact data. Here are some other major gaps:

  • These prospects aren’t always a great fit for your company.
  • Data sources aren’t updated in real time (or very often at all), resulting in out-of-date info
  • The leads are cold, which are more difficult to convert
  • Most require you to pay even if none of the leads benefit your company
  • And also, utilizing this type of details just makes you look spammy. No one wants to be the irritating business trying to sell to someone they don’t have any kind of relationship with.

We aren’t saying say lead lists don’t ever convert. Some business utilize them effectively. Great for them. But for the most part, your money is best spent elsewhere on things that are much more effective.

If you want to fill your pipeline with qualified leads, a lead generation tool like IPLytics is going to be the best move.

If you want to uncover what companies are visiting your website, start a 14-day free trial here.

How does a lead generation service/software work?

IPLytics shows you the companies that visit your site—uncovering anonymous IP addresses and linking them to company information. The most important part is that leads from a lead generation tool are warm. They have already visited your site and are (at least somewhat) interested and familiar with you and what you do.

List Building VS List Acquiring

Lead generation, unlike purchasing lead lists, is all about discovering business that WANT what your brand offers. This can be done by providing a download overview, email newsletter, or course.

The issue is, that kind of list building is taxing—which is why some companies would just rather buy it. You get hundreds of leads falling right in your lap—but there’s no sign if those leads are any good.

IPLytics utilizes a monitoring tool to identify who is visiting your site and matches their IP address with real company info.

No more losing time or money on cold leads or outdated data.

Ready to uncover warm leads that never filled out a contact form on your site? Get started with a 14-day free trial here.

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