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IP Intelligence Decisioning Data​

IPLytics IP Intelligence Decisioning data provides contextual insights on IP addresses globally covering more than 150 countries across 6 continents.

For each IP address, we collect and maintain 40+ data points: IPLytics ID, Domain, Company, ISP Name, Continent, Country, State, City, Postal Code/Zip, Latitude/Longitude, Phone Prefix/Area Code, Time Zone, Confidence Score, ISP/Mobile Flag, Anonymizer/Proxy, DMA and MSA codes and more.

Use Cases

Localized Content

Deliver content based on user location, so that what they’re viewing is more relevant and specific to them.

Digital Rights Management

Protect copyrighted information and ensure compliance in various countries.

Enhanced Insights

Access real time insights that allow you to better predict business outcomes.

Online Fraud Prevention

Protect your site from internet security threats by capturing suspicious IP addresses prior to purchase.

Use Cases

Internet Fraud Prevention

Capture suspicious IP addresses before purchase to protect your company from fraudulent activity.

Predict and Block Fraudulent accounts

Our data analysis software uses domains to predict related fraudulent accounts.

Domain Decisioning data

IPLytics Domain Intelligence Decisioning data provides insights around domain and subdomains globally covering more than 370 Million Domains, 26 Million gTLDs across 150 countries and 6 continents.


For each Domain, we collect and maintain 30+ data points: IPLytics ID, Domains, Sub Domain (SLDs) , DNS records, ASN Number, Registrar, Registration Date, Last Update, Organization Name, Hosting company, and more.

Keyword Decisioning Data

IPLytics Keyword Intelligence Decisioning data provides insights on all the keywords associated with domain covering more than 500 categories and 50 Thousand keywords supporting 200 languages across 150 countries and 6 continents.


For each keyword, we collect and maintain the following: IPLytics ID, Domain, Keyword, Keyword Category, Keyword Sub Category, Keyword Score, Context, Sub Context, Context score, Alexa Rank and more

Use Cases

Contextual Insights

Understand which keywords are most relevant to your customers helping you align your messaging and content.


Leverage Keyword Decisioning Data to  categorize  customers, and build profiles that can be used in your content management system.

Use Cases

Technology Trends

Having key business intelligence around your customers and prospects is critical. With our Technology Decisioning Data, you have insights into what your customers’ technology landscape looks like and how it is changing over time.

Technology Insights

Understanding what technology a domain is using providing key insights around how what technology is being used to provide services. Utilize Technology Decisioning data to identify potential software or hardware vulnerabilities.

Technology Decisioning Data

IPLytics Technology Intelligence Decisioning data provides insights on more than 40 million Domains, and more 2 thousand hardware and software technologies across 150 countries and 6 continents.


For each piece of technology, we collect and maintain the following data points: IPLytics ID, Domain, Technology Category, Technology Sub-Category, Technology Description and more.

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