IP Lytics Quick Start Guide

What Is IP Lytics?

IP Lytics is a data provider specializing in decisioning data derived from IP addresses with roughly 5 billion+ IPs refreshed monthly.

IP Lytics offers subscriptions to look up IP addresses, to enrich your data with detailed firmographic and technigraphic company information, and to integrate live website visitor data into your pre-existing Google Analytics account.


What kinds of data can I get?

Basic plans offer: Geolocation, domain, company name, number of visits to your site.

Premium and premium plus options also include: company firmographics like company size, NAICS code, revenue, funding, etc. and technographic data.


How do I sign up?

Go to insights.iplytics.io to create your free account. Watch the welcome video here.


Take a look at our plan breakdowns:

IP Lookup Kits:

Concepting Kit = $99/mo, 1,000 lookups per day

Committed Kit = $299/mo, 5,000 lookups per day

Building Kit = $499/mo, 10,000 lookups per day

Scaling Kit = $999/mo, 25,000 lookups per day

These kits are best for those who have lists of IP addresses that need enrichment. Easily switch to a larger or smaller kit at any time.


Google Integration Kits:

Tier 1 = $99/mo, 5,000 sessions daily

Tier 2 = $149/mo, 25,000 sessions daily

Tier 3 = $249/mo, 75,000 sessions daily

Tier 4 = $349/mo, 100,000 sessions daily

These kits are best for those who don’t have or need the IP addresses, but want real-time updates on the companies visiting their website. Choose your tier based on the average number of daily hits to your website.