Lead Generation Evolution


Remember the days of salesmen going door-to-door? We’ve come a long way, to say the least.

This kind of lead generation was popular in the 1950s because there was no other way for customers to research services or products thoroughly or find evaluations. As a result, salespeople would often say anything just to close the deal. And the very best part? It worked.

Then in the 80s, we saw the birth of telemarketing. Telemarketing rapidly turned into one of the most popular ways to sell services and products—online marketers and salesmen could look into possible leads (generally through the assistance of another business), contact them to collect more details and after that, encourage them to buy an item of service.

Nowadays, telemarketing is far less effective (after all, how frequently do you respond to telemarketing calls?). However, at a time when the info was scarce, it was a great way for marketers and salespeople to engage with potential customers on an individual level and get instant feedback.

But it’s not the 1950s or the 80s anymore. Cold calls and messages don’t work. The “magic” shortcuts like list building aren’t effective. 


Social Media and the Conversation

Social networks might look like they’re only a good fit for the B2C space. But if that’s what you believe, then you’re really losing out on a lot of possible leads. According to social networks news website Social Media Today, B2B online marketers who use Twitter land twice as many leads as those who don’t, and B2B marketers typically use 6 various social networking tools.

Social media is where the sale starts, though not always where it ends. Considering that B2B sales cycles tend to be longer, social media is terrific for posting content that helps people keep you top of mind as well as drive traffic to your site. If done well, one can create a flourishing community even around the most technical of topics.


Email Marketing Remains Valuable

As technology advances, e-mail marketing can seem archaic. But make no mistake, well-built and personalized email campaigns can rake in the conversions. 

The secret to taking full advantage of an email campaign: make it relevant and personal. We can help you achieve personalization by identifying the companies that are visiting your site so you can retarget them through social, ads, and email.  

Keep It Moving

Like everything else in tech, a new strategy in lead generation could be outdated within months. That’s why it’s important to understand that lead generation is a fluid, ever-evolving idea and the job is never done. Tools like IPLytics can help make your job a whole lot easier while saving time and money in the long run when it comes to lead generation.  

It’s All About the (Big) Data

Modern lead generation suggests being able to track engagement on a granular level and understand where users come on board and where they drop off. Prior, companies had to buy information from major businesses like Neilsen and make decisions based on intuition.

IPLytics will help bring your lead generation technique into 2022 and beyond. Now, when it comes to data and lead gen, you own your own information and have the ability to make much more strategic choices based upon fact.

No more guessing. Start your free trial to uncover anonymous website visitors today.  

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