Is Anything Truly Free?

Last week, Clearbit announced a free weekly visitor report service using data from the IP addresses that visit your website.

We love to see that our idea is catching on! This is a solution that IPLytics already offers.

We let you easily integrate our visitor report service into your own Google Analytics accounts with just a few clicks of a button.

But all the same, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this kind of free service:


It’s free, duh. 

You get valuable data on warm leads every week without paying a cent. 

“Oh, that business looked at our pricing page 8 times on Tuesday. Sounds like they might be interested.”



To use this free service, you have to install a script onto each page of your website. This script collects all of your 1st party data meaning you’re giving up your data rights to another company.



Don’t give up your data rights. Instead, pay a nominal fee for the same info about your site visitors without adding anything to your site. A few clicks and you’re in. Learn more about IPLytics’ integration with Google here.

And to answer this post’s question? No, nothing is truly free, but a few dollars seems far cheaper than your site’s 1st party data. 

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