Buyer Intent Data

Intent Data

Let’s take a look at two key points from this blog post by leadfeeder.

  1. What is Intent Data?

Intent data is data collected about a user’s internet behavior, like the sites and pages they visit.

Using this past activity, marketers can make reasonable assumptions about potential future activity or “potential intent to take a specific action1.”

Basically, this means we can predict what someone will click on and what they will purchase. 

The problem is a lot of this information is shrouded in mystery (it’s anonymous). 

IP decisioning data, or IP address tracking comes in to solve this problem.

In B2B marketing and sales, intent data usually refers to anonymous online activity, which is then matched with IP addresses to provide an amazingly powerful dataset that can super-charge your marketing and sales teams. 


IP Intelligence

2. So, IP intelligence aids in uncovering and enriching intent data.

By matching the IP address to the company behind it, intent data becomes far richer and more useful. 

As Anna Crowe writes in her blog post:

Say you want to target companies who have visited your pricing page — by combining buyer intent with IP addresses, you can figure out who they work for, see if their company matches your buyer persona, and even send that new lead to your sales team. 


IP addresses can reveal so much about who is behind the clicks on your site or your ads. Use them to learn a bunch of firmographic data and then target those potential buyers who you know have already visited your site!

Learn more about IP Address Analytics by following along with our blog.

 At IPLytics, we provide IP data to enrich buyer intent data. Learn more







1 https://bombora.com/blog/b2b-intent-data-explained-what-how-why/

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