I already have analytics. Why do I need IP Lytics?

With IP Lytics, you can get a lot more information about visitors to your site including decision maker contacts from the companies that have been checking you out. The data from IP Lytics is immediately actionable. The leads we reveal have just been looking at your website and what you have to offer. They are warm and ready to interact with you.

Why does an IP address lookup show no results?

IP Lytics only reveals IP address data for those IPs attached to and owned by a company. We will never reveal ISP data, or IP address data tied to an individual

What is firmographic data?

Firmographic data is information regarding the specifics of a company. For example, industry type, organization size, revenue, location, and growth trends.

What is technographic data?

Data related to the technology and software a company uses to run its business.

How do I know which product to buy?

An IP Lookup subscription is best for those who have lists of IP addresses that need enrichment. A Google Analytics Integration subscription is best for those who don’t have or need the IP addresses, but want real-time updates on the companies visiting their website.

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