After Cookies, IP Data is the Solution

So third-party cookies are going away. Now what? IP data is the solution.

While the world of advertising and marketing relied on cookies for 20+ years, IP addresses have quietly been there at every single transaction. 

No matter what, IP addresses must always be present to operate online. 

(Learn more about IP addresses here.)

And so much data is actually tied to those addresses beyond extensive geolocation. Contextual insights and a wealth of firmographic data can all be revealed using just an IP address.

IP targeting is more relevant than ever. 

Not only can you discover third-party data through IP data, but you also have companies like IP Lytics with a gigantic database of information that has been verified and is constantly updated to ensure accuracy and reliability.

It’s also useful to note that IP address data is actually more secure and allows for privacy on the individual level. A user’s specific device is not tracked, rather the network the device is connected to. 

For B2B marketers, IP Lytics’ solutions allow you to bypass cookies and reveal firmographic data and company data behind all of your site visitors. Start your free trial today!

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