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The highest quality decisioning data available to help your organization deliver media, drive insights, block user access, or identify potential risks.

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Enterprise Grade IP Intelligence, Domain, & Technology Decisioning Solutions

Predictive insights and intelligence derived from billions of signals to drive key business decisions.

Today’s technology professionals need access to accurate decisioning data to enable their organizations to deliver relevant content, block access, identify and mitigate potential risks before they happen.

Our decisioning data is powered by a proprietary global data consortium using the most advanced machine learning & artificial intelligence. We collect, process, and analyze privacy-compliant data from more than 150 countries across 6 continents through the industry’s largest global decisioning data consortium. The amount of data collected, variety of sources, and real-time nature ensure that IPLytics decisioning data is precise.

When decisions need to be made within milliseconds to deliver contextualized digital content, block access to a site, commerce page, or tag an IP address for fraud or risk, customers can rest easy knowing those decisions will be made using the most comprehensive decisioning data available.

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IPLytics Decisioning Data Solutions Overview

IP Intelligence Data

Our IP lookup tool will help you understand who is visiting your site for threat prevention and risk management.

Domain Decisioning Data

Our domain decisioning data provides cyber threat intelligence to protect your site from risk like internet fraud. This technology uncovers anonymous web visitors using insights from more than 370 million domains.

Keyword Decisioning Data

Our real time analytics provide insight on all keywords associated with a company and its domain.

Technology Decisioning Data

We use artificial intelligence software to help enhance cybersecurity of your site.

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